GROS company

GROS company was founded in 1992 by Jerzy Grobarek. It is engaged in the design, production and sale of smoking equipment. The company specialises in small smoking chambers with the load capacity of : 10, 10, 40, 50, 70, 100 and 150 kg. This equipment is destined for : smoking amateurs – garden smoking chambers, gastronomy, stores and supermarkets as well as small business. The ranage of available functions is something that makes smoking chambers by GROS stand out from other producers.

Some garden smokehouses offer exclusively hot smoking, sometimes a function of drying and hardly ever cold smoking. In this case hot smoking of sausages lasts about 6 hours. The total time of drying in the air, smoking and water steamig of meat is respectively 17 hours. As a resut within this process meat loses 35 % of its weight. GROS smoking chambers are considerably more effective, that is : they can dry, smoke cold and hot, steam, pasteurize and roast. Hot smoking then takes only 30 minutes. The total thermal treatment time of meat is 4,5 hours and a weight loss does not exceed 15 %. Smoke resisue is removable easily, fast and effectively as GROS smoking chambers are made of polished stainless and acid- resistant steel. If the advisable washsing technology is applied, the owners of smoking chambers can alternately smoke fish and other goods without the risk of unwanted aroma permeation into the products such as sausages or cheese. Every smoke, either this coming from cigarettes or coal burning or other fuels – also smoke emitted from burning wood, includes carcinogenic benzopyrenes. All the products treated with the smoke absorb these compounds harmful for our health. The UE regulations exactly determine the permitted amount of benzopyrenes which smoking products can contain. The higher wood burning temperature and the longer smoking process, the more benzopyrenes products absorb. However, smoking in devices by GROS company lasts only 30 minutes and wood does not burn but only glows which results in low level of benzopyrene in smoked products , even lower than imposed by EU directive.

Goods produced in these chambers are distinctive because of their beautiful colours, deep aroma and most of all they are healthy.

In its smokehouses for stores, supermarkets and small business GROS company tends to install smoking systems of hydrated smoke-aerosol instead of smoke generators (generating smoke in the process of wood glowing). This is the most innovative system of smoking currently. Its main advantages include : very low emission of smoke into the atmosphere, minimal amount of benzopyrenes in products, possibility of full smoking process automation, lack of fire danger, lack of stains around smoking chambers, fluent adjustment of colour intensity of products maintaining their smell and taste. Customers are not able to distinguish between smoke and hydrated smoke. More and more meat producers implement smoking by hydrated smoke since it is more covenient and easier to use. Its undeniable value is acquired repeatability as well as high the quality of products. Kaufland Polska chain store is currently the largest customer of GROS smoking- steaming chambers with the system of treatment with hydrated smoke. GROS company provides at least 80 of these chain stores with the smoking chambers which are present at meat stalls all around. Customers can be certain that products they purchase are fresh because the whole process of smoking is uncovered and takes place before their eyes. All people interested in the offer of Gros smoking chambers are kindly encouraged to cooperation and purchase.