Industrial smokehouses

Smokehouses for industrial use – professional small smokehouses, large supermarkets and businesses.

Smoking has been part of our culture for nearly a thousand years; therefore, industrial smokehouses are owned by many catering and food-related businesses.
People who have not previously engaged in this craft are more and more inclined to give smoking a try, mainly when it comes to meat, but also fish and cheese.
For many years, our company has been manufacturing smokehouses for private use, as well as for businesses and enterprises.

Who decides to purchase industrial smokehouses?

Smokehouse equipment is very important for multiple industries. Thanks to many years of experience, we have been capable of working with: restaurants, smokeries, grocery shops, hunting clubs, agri-tourism businesses and laboratories.
Thanks to our wide range of products, customers keep coming back to us and recommending us to others. Specialised and qualified engineering specialists have carefully prepared several types of smokehouse to cater to your needs.

Which industrial smokehouse to choose?

Every single smokehouse we make is of top quality, as our units are manufactured from acid-resistant steel, among other things.
One component that requires special attention is the smoking chamber, as the quality and flavour of the smoked food depends on it to a great extent.
The quality of the smoke affects the taste of the food, too; the taste and aroma of cold cuts and other products depend on it.
Furthermore, the smoking chamber is responsible for maintaining the proper chamber temperature, which is the most important aspect of the smoking process.
Smokehouses used in industry vary in size, purpose, smoke temperature, smoking time and many other aspects.
There is no “one-size-fits-all” type of solution when it comes to smokehouses.
It all depends on the customer's needs and demand, that is to say the manner in which the smokehouse will be used.

Why should you purchase an industrial smokehouse from us?

Industrial smokehouses, electric smokehouses and garden smokehouses have been our speciality for many years and we are constantly learning new things and developing new products.
Not only do we design and manufacture the machines, but we also provide maintenance services and grant warranty for our smokehouses.
We put our heart into everything we do, and that guarantees the quality of our products.
Each smokehouse is different and each has a different application; therefore, we pay very close attention to our work.
We continue to keep in touch with the customer even when after the product is purchased. We are always available to help you in case of any issues or faults.

Interested in buying an industrial smokehouse but not sure which one to choose?

Do not hesitate to contact us – we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.
We will clear all your doubts and try to advise you on which smokehouse you should choose.
Do not worry – our smokehouses have even travelled to the far-flung corners of Russia, so we will deliver your order no matter where you live!