Gastronomic smokehouses

Smokehouses for demanding enthusiasts of smoking and catering facilities, hunting associations, schools or laboratories

The smoking process has been used for many years as a form of food preservation; however, it can also lend a unique flavour to multiple dishes. Smoked meats, cold cuts, or fish and cheese are extremely popular with enthusiasts of good food. Gros is a supplier of professional smokehouses for both amateur and professional use, including businesses operating in the catering industry. Find out what your business can gain from purchasing one of our smoke generators.

Why go for a smokehouse made of stainless steel?

Our range includes smokehouses of high-quality acid-resistant steel. Therefore, you can be sure that ours will be a product that will serve you for years to come. Our smokehouses are ideal for a variety of catering facilities – they can be used virtually anywhere.
As you choose the proper smokehouse for catering, as well as industrial smokehouses, you should pay special attention to the smoking chamber of the unit. It should suit your needs, as the quality and taste of smoked products will depend on it to a great extent. The smoking chamber maintains the sufficient smoking temperature.

Who should decide to purchase catering smokehouses in the first place?

Do you run your own catering business and wish to introduce smoked products to your menu? Our smokehouses are your best bet for smoking fish, cheese, meat, sausages, ham and many other products. The equipment available in our shop can be readily used at restaurants, catering facilities, shops or hunting associations and schools. Using the smoke generator and smoke chips, which lend a great aroma, you will be able to make your own smoked products characterised by an extremely delicious taste.

What features does the electric smokehouse on our offer have?

Smokehouses are powered by electricity. The total installed power of the available equipment can be up to 9,000 W (Small Smoker 6), making the food preparation process enjoyable and accurate. The equipment comes with such functions as: cold/hot smoking, steam smoking, pasteurising, drying, steaming and baking. Using the accessories that the smokehouse is equipped with, you will check the temperature or change the density of the smoke in the chamber. The additional functions of our products will enable you to prepare each and every dish professionally and conveniently.

Why choose our food smoking machines?

Smoking machines have been our speciality for many years. We put the same amount of work and effort into every single machine to ensure that our customers are satisfied and we are proud of every piece of equipment we have created. One of the most important advantages of smoking meat in a catering smokehouse is that it enables the better control of temperature and humidity than other methods. This guarantees that your meat will be smoked evenly and thoroughly, without having to worry about overcooking or undercooking it. In addition, with indirect heat cooking, you are less likely to dry out or burn your food due to direct contact with the heat source, unlike in the case of such other methods as grilling or frying.
Learn more about our products and do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with expert advice on which piece of equipment will be best tailored to your needs.